The Ray of Light Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers farming and vocational training programs for street children and poor farmers; particularly: women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The foundation was established in 2008 by author Bruce Cerew. He established the foundation on the belief that all children regardless of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background or circumstances should have access to basic human necessities. Cerew was once a war child; homeless, hopeless and lost. Terribly abused, he experienced merciless poverty. From those perspectives; through relevant, sustainable and practical training programs, he purposefully strives to empower abandoned youths and those with non-existent prospects of becoming self- sufficient and self-reliant.

In Europe, the foundation also caries out inspiring theatrical workshops at secondary schools, colleges and universities on such subjects as: asylum policies, children in conflicts plus migration and integration. Furthermore, the Foundation enjoys a wide range of media support through its founder. There are diversity of partners and advisers at all levels. These humane people work tirelessly towards helping the foundation achieve its purpose.


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