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An exciting new auction, featuring memorabilia from rock bands young and old, has been launched on eBay to raise funds and awareness for victims of the recent Californian wildfires.

Rockers Linkin Park, and their charitable foundation Music for Relief, have teamed up with the non-profit organization Unite The United to stage the auction, which runs on eBay Giving Works until November 15. Proceeds from the auction are to be donated to the California Community Foundation’s Southern California Relief Fund, which is working hard in the aftermath of the wildfires to support victims and firefighters. A portion of the money raised will also go to American Forests, an organization that will help with the reforestation of 800 square miles of greenery destroyed in the fires that raged for over two weeks from Santa Barbara County to the Mexican border.

Over 60 items, including signed instruments and concert tickets, are up for sale in the auction, which follows an earlier donation of $50,000 made by Linkin Park to wildfire victims. This was followed by a donation from classic rockers the Eagles, also of $50,000, made to the firefighters involved in stopping the fires, and $160,000 donated to the cause by Gwen Stefani.

Some of the items in the auction have already raised bids of $1000, including an Xbox 360 game console featuring artwork and signatures from Linkin Park. The Eagles have donated signed CDs, as have stadium favorites Chicago. Aerosmith has donated a drum kit signed by singer Steven Tyler, and other merchandise from artists as diverse as Madonna, Tori Amos, Green Day, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Rob Zombie, and Less Than Jake is available to the highest bidder.

Linkin Park, known for their nu metal albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora, founded Music For Relief in 2005 to provide aid to victims of natural disasters, and have in the past donated over $2 million to causes such as Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami in South East Asia. Singer Chester Bennington decided to join together with the Unite The United Foundation, whose mission is to encourage music fans, artists, and industry leaders to work towards positive changes in the community, after being moved by images of the wildfires that left 90 people injured, 12 dead, and destroyed over 2000 homes and buildings. Over 900,000 people were evacuated during the fires, and the band hopes the proceeds from the auction will be used to aid the victims in their intermediate and long-term recovery, especially in terms of the provision of affordable housing.

The auction can be viewed at

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