British actress Joanna Lumley has added her support to TigerTime, the new global charity campaign to save the last 3,200 wild tigers on earth.

Joanna joins an amazing list of celebrities from all across the world of entertainment in both the UK and USA including Ricky Gervais, Roger Moore, Michael Parkinson, Melanie C, Anjelica Huston, Susan Sarandon, Gemma Atkinson, Vicki Roberts, Simon King, Naomie Harris, Neil Gaiman, Claire King, Abi Titmuss, Elizabeth Emanuel and Paula Abdul.

“Animals share the earth with us: that is to say, they are equal partners in the right to live on this planet,” says Joanna. “In our anxiety to make the world a better place for ourselves, let us be very careful that we don’t obliterate the needs of other species. If the tiger disappears from the wild because of our behaviour we humans shall have lost all claims to be called civilised and compassionate. The greatest enemy is indifference. Please join TigerTime right now to help to save the lives and habitat of these magnificent creatures. This is extremely urgent. The clock is ticking: real time is running out.”

TigerTime was established by the renowned British wildlife artist and conservationist David Shepherd CBE on his 80th birthday in May of this year. David said, “I am thrilled that Joanna Lumley and this magnificent group of stars and celebrities from all across the world of entertainment are supporting TigerTime. When I was born 80 years ago there were 100,000 wild tigers – now there are 3,200. Within a few years, their numbers will fall so low that they will pass the point of no return and literally die out. I know that our stars and celebrities will inspire people from all across the world to join us to stop this happening.”

“TigerTime is a truly global campaign using the internet to reach out to the world,” adds David’s daughter and organiser of the TigerTime campaign, Melanie Shepherd. “In the first few weeks, thousands of people have signed up from a wide range of countries. TigerTime will do more than raise awareness of the critical nature of the situation. It will raise funds to provide more anti poaching patrols and to increase efforts to stop people across Asia using tiger body parts in traditional ‘medicines’ which stimulates the demand for poaching. We have seen just how powerful ‘people power’ can be in recent months in so many areas of our lives. TigerTime aims to be the first ‘people power’ campaign to save a species. We need literally hundreds of thousands of people to back us. It is free to sign up as a supporter. Together, we can save the wild tiger.”

To find out more about the campaign, click here.

“Losing the wild tiger! Unthinkable!” said Ricky Gervais. “How can we let this happen? TigerTime will make a massive difference. Please join in by backing this global campaign to stop these iconic creatures becoming extinct. I support this campaign fully.”

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