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Celebrities from around the world took time out this weekend to reflect on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, using Twitter and other media outlets to commemorate the event.

“There’s so many stories that people don’t know,” Lady Gaga told MTV during her special documentary Inside the Outside. “I watched the towers fall from the roof of my school, holding all my best friends. I don’t know … just, my affinity and my love and the relationship I have with New York City — it’s like the husband I never married.”

The terror attacks have been on the minds of people not only in the US but around the world this weekend as we remembered those who lost their lives and loved ones in the attacks, and the struggles of those left behind.

“The whole illusion of Hollywood was just dismantled in a second, you know, and everybody stopped being these characters that they were playing, and they all just became people who were worried about people that they knew,” said Ryan Gosling.

“I think people just need to stop killing each other, I mean, it’s getting ridiculous,” added Evan Rachel Wood. “This needs to stop, and people need to stop separating themselves, you know, I think people got to start coming together or else we’re going to destroy each other, you know.”

Selena Gomez also took time out to talk about her thoughts: “Every time that day kind of comes about, I always think about the fact that I was in the 4th grade and what happened and all those feelings that we had and how everybody was distraught, and I just feel like every time that comes around, I hope people acknowledge it and I hope that they just keep praying for our troops over there and just keep carrying on.”

Rapper Busta Rhymes stated: “You know, we’ve been able to still show our resilience and our endurance as a city, as a people, coming together and representing and remembering the lives of the ones that we lost, is such a beautiful thing to know that we’re not celebrating their loss but we’re celebrating their lives, you know what I’m saying? And this ten-year anniversary is a defining moment to show how far we’ve come and how well we’ve bounced back, even though we still might be going through some hardship, we’re still strong and we’re showing the people a great thing.”

Blondie's Debbie Harry shared her reelections of the anniversary with Rolling Stone magazine: "I never thought about leaving New York after 9/11. I spend a lot of time outside of New York, but there’s no other place like it in the world. I’ve lived here for so many years. It’s a wonderful, wonderful place.

“I had so many friends that lived blocks from there. I was completely freaked. Little by little, they shut everything down. So we just got on our bikes and rode around. We were looking for friends, and we just wanted to see what was going on. The streets were full of people, yet they were deserted. It was a very strange feeling. It just completely throws you off your sense of balance, physically as well as mentally. You’re hopeless. You’re defenseless.

“On that day, I remember being with friends and dealing with my anger. It was very shocking for a lot of people, but I had traveled the world so much and been through IRA bombing in the U.K. and bombings in Germany. It was very shocking to people, but I’d already been there.

“I’m not worried about another attack. We’re doing things outside our country. Who do we think we are?

“I’m a proud American though. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world.”

Among those who took to Twitter to share their thoughts were:

  • Glee star Lea Michele: “To all the families and people of New York affected by the tragedies of September 11th my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Nyc is one of the most strong & beautiful places in the world. I feel so blessed & proud today to have been born and raised in this city.”
  • Josh Groban: “I can’t believe it has been 10 years. Stay safe and sound today, Nyc. Neverforget.”
  • Rob Lowe: “Today, I remember. Today, I promise I will never forget. Never.”
  • Benji Madden: “Sending a prayer and good thoughts out to everyone who lost their lives or a loved one on 9/11 10 years ago. Respect. God bless.”
  • Eliza Dushku: “Ne’er forget those we lost, the heroes & prayers to the survivors/families. Love to all.”
  • Olivia Wilde: “10 years ago today, our shocked world marched together for Peace. let’s not forget that spirit. my heart goes out to all who have suffered.”
  • “I am sending love to the world so no hate, fear, pain, or distortion happens… remembering911.”
  • Mena Suvari: “Thoughts & prayers to all of those that lost their lives & the families they left behind. You are never forgotten-only remembered and honored.”
  • Estelle:" I SALUTE the people who are survived by those who died for LIVING. I personally couldnt imagine having to deal with the news over and over again on the news on magazines, everywhere. #Youre blessed and possess a different kind of strength."
  • JoJo: “Today we remember those lost 9:11:01. We come together as Americans and citizens of the world. We will never forget.”
  • Kim Kardashian: “My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families affected by the awful tragedy of 9/11.”
  • Alicia Keys: “Today is the most important day for love! Thinking of you!”
  • Jordin Sparks: “God bless those who were lost. God bless those who fought & still fight for us. God bless the USA & the world.”
  • Justin Bieber: “As a Canadian we too remember 9-11. I was just a kid and remember it well. Today we honor the memory of those lost and move forward together.”
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