Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Constance Zimmer, Eva Amurri and Jon and Kirsten Heder talk about how you can help change not just one life, but the lives of an entire community, with Heifer International, at the “12 Stones” premiere in Los Angeles.

About 12 Stones: An inspiring story of a group of formerly illiterate women in Nepal who today are empowered leaders in their community thanks to Heifer International’s support.

Can you bring an entire village out of poverty by first empowering its women? Breathtaking cinematography and a powerful story combine in award-winning 12 Stones, a short documentary directed by Sandy Smolan and narrated by Diane Lane that captures the uplifiting journey of a group of formerly illiterate women in Nepal.

Visit pitecreative.com to learn more about the film.

Host: Erin Mooney
Editor: Jamie Hall
Lighting & Sound: Kaveh Niknia
Camera: Ben Aldanese

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