Avoided Deforestation Partners

Avoided Deforestation Partners is dedicated to advancing U.S. and international climate policies along with business solutions that include robust incentives to protect tropical forests. AD Partners convenes public and private sector leaders to inspire decision makers to implement strategies that reduce deforestation.

They strive to achieve their mission by:

  • Creating links among public, private and civil society sectors to promote the latest thinking and best practices that support avoided deforestation policies and private sector initiatives.
  • Catalyzing new thinking about policies and private sector initiatives to address deforestation, including commissioning research and organizing workshops.
  • Convening policy forums and business leadership discussions that facilitate the involvement of local, regional, national and international players to promote holistic solutions that reduce deforestation and land degradation.
  • Raising the profile of the deforestation issue and the potential support role of the business community by hosting events, publishing mainstream media articles, and organizing and participating in conferences and public hearings.
  • Building connections among global organizations to encourage collaboration, coordination and financial support for international efforts to reduce deforestation.


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