Topsy Foundation

The Topsy Foundation partners with rural communities, empowering people infected with, and affected by HIV and AIDS, through medical care, social support and skills development.

The Topsy Foundation, a fully-registered and internationally-respected South African Non Profit Organisation (NPO), provides relief services to some of South Africa’s most under-resourced rural communities through a multi-faceted approach to the consequences of HIV and AIDS and extreme poverty.

Topsy’s interventions are characterised by the provision of medical and social services (with a strong emphasis on wellness) to people and families who do not otherwise have ready access to such services. Typical interventions include the provision of professional medical treatment (including antiretroviral therapy) to people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHAs) and the treatment of other illnesses; the holistic care of orphaned and vulnerable children; the provision of food and nutritional supplementation to households threatened by malnutrition; and job creation to help alleviate poverty.

Since the disease has an impact in every area of life, the work of the Topsy Foundation seeks to intervene commensurately. It has a vision of flourishing rural communities where people have the tools for change and where young people, in particular, are productive members of society, in spite of the impact of HIV and AIDS and poverty.

“As patron of the Topsy Foundation, it’s a real honour to be associated with its amazing work. It brings real benefit to the quality of life of a significant number of people infected or affected with HIV/AIDS.”

- Charlotte


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