Global Green USA today launched the I AM Campaign to raise awareness about the serious threats Americans face from rising sea levels, and challenge citizens to take action in their communities.

Joined by actors, athletes and musicians – such as Mark Ruffalo, Adrian Grenier, Orlando Bloom, Serena Williams, James Cameron, Billy Morrison, Mark McGrath, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick among others – I AM highlights coastal cities in the U.S. and the world from New Orleans to New York City, from Tokyo to Jakarta, from San Francisco to Boston; that are in danger due to sea level rise.

“One of the biggest risks we face with global warming is rising sea levels, which threaten our coastal cities where nearly half the American population lives” said Global Green President and CEO Matt Petersen. “We must demand that our leaders invest in green technologies and green jobs at the local level where many of the solutions to climate change can and must be implemented.”

The goal of the public awareness campaign is to engage individuals to take action to get their community to substantially reduce their greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming while creating green jobs and improving their local air quality.

“Global Green’s I AM Campaign is tackling one of the most critical threats facing our cities and the people who live in them,” said Mark Ruffalo. “I AM empowers people to show why they care about their cities, and what they are doing to help fight global warming. If everyone can join together to help put a face to the American victims of these pending disasters, we can help show our leaders why they must act now.”

Watch the star-studded video calling on people to join I AM here.

The I AM Campaign asks people to send in a photo of themselves with a sign of the city or community they love that is threatened by global warming due to sea level rise, floods, droughts or more severe storms. All photo submissions will be featured on Global Green’s website with the caption “I AM…New Orleans,” or “I am…Miami,” etc. Along with their photo submission, people are asked to state what they are doing to reduce their global warming impact, stating “I AM taking a step today to reduce my carbon footprint by…” whether this is carpooling,, replacing light bulbs, or starting a community recycling program

All submissions will be entered into a chance to walk the Green Carpet at Global Green’s annual pre-Oscar party in Hollywood.

Find out more here.

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