African Rainforest Conservancy

ARC conserves and restores African rainforests – among the oldest and most biodiverse in the world – through grassroots conservation and community development. They believe that by providing new economic and educational opportunities, local people are empowered to preserve their natural heritage for future generations.

Founded in 1991, ARC works alongside its field partner the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group to support a network of 146 villages in eight mountain and coastal regions throughout Tanzania that are protecting 250,000 acres of forest – an area 300 times the size of New York’s Central Park.

Focusing on advocacy, Participatory Forest Management (PFM), environmental education, community development, and biological research, TFCG is a leader in implementing high-impact solutions to address the challenges facing Tanzania’s forests and the millions of people who depend on them.

How you can help

People can help by attending their annual fundraiser, or by visiting and clicking on donate.

They can also be followed on Twitter (@EasternARC) and on Facebook.


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