The Apparel Lesotho Alliance to Fight AIDS was launched in Maseru in May 2006 to provide prevention and treatment services to the 45,000 mainly women Basotho workers in the industry, one third of whom are estimated to be infected with HIV.

Bono attended the launch of the charity in May 2006, kicking off a 10-day tour of six African countries, and noted that Lesotho was a microcosm of all of the opportunities and challenges facing Africa.

“If you can’t make a difference to the lives of the Basotho then what chance is there for the rest of Africa?” he asked rhetorically.

Bono and his wife have a factory in Lesotho, producing the “conscious-consumer” Edun brand of clothing. He said Lesotho should be branded as a new model of labour excellence.

“You can’t be a model of excellence if your workforce is dying of Aids.”

That is why he was so excited to welcome this project, he said.

“Unless we stymie Aids then all the other (development) work being done will be undone.”

Bono called for universal access to anti-retroviral treatment, which is a major part of the ALAFA project.

“Everyone who faces this illness should have those pills.”


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