The growth of celebrities “sharing” is making it the new trend to watch.

Joanna Lumley, Zoe Ball and M&S are leading the way with their clothes Shwopping campaign. Actress Jemima Kirke is wearing vintage to up her style, with Conan O'Brien car sharing, Ashton Kutcher investing in AirBnB, and Justin Bieber, Lily Allen and Beyonce sharing their food.

For the majority of consumers the Sharing Economy has given them the opportunity to “up” their lifestyle and enable them to access goods and services by sharing, renting or borrowing from their friends – some have saved as much as £5,000 a year according to research conducted by Opinium for The People Who Share. From sharing luxury homes, to swapping vintage clothes, or sharing food – the Sharing Economy is a new way of living that is better for everyone and the environment.

So why all the buzz about “sharing?”. The Sharing Economy is about creating a new lifestyle choice, a new way to live. It’s a move away from hyper-consumption. For some its about upping their lifestyles, for others its about gaining access to essential goods, and for celebrities it’s a way of either enhancing their unique style through vintage clothes, or a way to give back, find more meaning in life, reject excess and make the environment better. By accessing goods and services when you need them, rather than owning them, everybody gains.

“There are over 40,000 people dying each day through lack of access to food, water and shelter, yet there are over £3.5 trillion worth of unused resources from houses to food. A Sharing Economy makes that possible, by connecting unused resource with those who need it, providing access for all — if we start sharing resources, we help people and planet, building happier, healthier, sustainable communities. That’s what I call win-win,” said Benita, Chief Sharer, The People Who Share.

Celebrity backing for the sharing campaign is growing with Stephen Fry backing Global Sharing Day, to even Simon Cowell and Teri Hatcher donating food at foodbanks. Sharing is now the trend to watch.

Global Sharing Day is taking place on 1st June 2014. This year the People Who Share are celebrating the theme of ‘Neighbourhood Sharing.’ Last year, The People Who Share reached over 70 million people in 192 countries this time their target is 100 million. Global Sharing Day 2013 saw the setting of a world record for the greatest number of people sharing food in a single day at 4.62 million.

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