AmberWatch Foundation

The AmberWatch Foundation is a 501©(3) charity (Tax ID No. 34-2020410) dedicated to the prevention of child abduction and molestation. With its “Be Safe!” Education Program, the AmberWatch Foundation offers a three-pronged educational approach to arming children against abductors and molesters:

  • The “Be Safe!” Curriculum is a turnkey safety program presented in elementary schools by local active and retired law enforcement and education professionals.
  • The “Be Safe!” Workbook is a coloring workbook featuring the “Be Safe!” Tips, each accompanied by an image that the child can color and “what if?” scenarios designed to spark conversation between children and parents for a lasting impression.
  • “Be Safe!” public service announcements for print, radio, and television feature the 12 “Be Safe!” Tips derived from the “Be Safe!” Curriculum.

How you can help

You can help the AmberWatch Foundation fulfill its mission in a few different ways:

  • Help us bring the “Be Safe!” Curriculum into your local school or community. Contact us to find out how.
  • Find out about AmberWatch Mobile, the AmberWatch Foundation’s primary funding source. This historic initiative was created by the AmberWatch Foundation and wireless industry leaders to help keep families connected while providing resources to the Foundation to continue the promotion of the “Be Safe!” Program.
  • Volunteer to assist at AmberWatch Foundation events and programs.


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