Cure Duchenne

Duchenne is the most common muscle disease in children. One in every 3,500 boys born worldwide will be afflicted with Duchenne. It progressively robs these boys of their ability to move and cuts their lives short, just before these young men make their mark on the world.

Cure Duchenne is a charity established in 2003. It was founded by Paul and Debra Miller whose son was diagnosed with DMD in November 2002. Paul is a vice-president of a food company and Debra was in advertising sales before giving up her career to be a stay-at-home mom. Paul and Debra are confident that their business backgrounds will enable them to effectively communicate the need for awareness and funding for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

“When we got our son’s diagnosis, the pain was unbelievable. We always had faith, but we never truly knew how much we would have to rely on it. We respect and welcome people of all faiths and beliefs, and hope that they are provided the comfort needed to get through these difficult times. Saving these boys has become our life’s work.”

Duchenne research is moving fast. New drugs are moving through the pipeline and progressing to human clinical trials. Six of the research projects which Cure Duchenne has supported are in human clinical trials. Now is the time to increase Duchenne awareness so that Cure Duchenne can raise the funds necessary to expedite these drugs into real treatments.


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