Operation Once in a Lifetime

Operation Once in a lifetime is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization created to make the dreams of U.S. soldiers come true. The dream of a soldier is to come home alive, unwounded, to train safe, to love his country, his unit and his family. However being a soldier is not easy; it is filled with hardship, not just physically or emotionally, but financially.

A soldier does not need to worry about providing beds for his kids, worrying if his electricity will still be on when he goes home or if his house will be foreclosed on when serving his/her country.

A soldier needs a program that will provide free financial assistance regardless of his rank, race, branch of service, physical condition or his deployment status. A soldier needs a program that can help make a life altering contribution when he is in his/her greatest need; Operation Once in a Lifetime is that program.

Operation Once in a Lifetime helps every soldier for every cause; wounded, unwounded, deployed, nondeployed, all ranks and all branches of the United States Armed Forces, you serve, you qualify.

Soldiers do not have nine to five jobs, nine to five jobs are replaced by year long deployments. A soldier does not have another day at the office, a day at the office for a soldier may result in a combat mission, gun fire and a friend killed in action.

Every contribution will go to helping a soldier and their families, whether paying a soldiers electric bill, car payment or flying a soldier home.

Operation Once in a Lifetime is not a war time organization; they are a soldier’s organization. An organization created to last, as long as soldiers are in need.


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