Andrea Bocelli Foundation

The Andrea Bocelli Foundation is a grant making body launched by Andrea Bocelli in 2011, aimed at supporting those living in poverty or overcoming barriers caused by illness and disability in order to deliver tangible, real life results. Two types of programs are supported – those that alleviate poverty, and those that help people overcome barriers caused by illness, or disability. The Foundation will actively seek to identify innovative and original projects to support.

“I feel very strongly about helping people make the most of the world that we live in,” said Andrea. “I was born with poor eyesight and became completely blind at the age of twelve. Overcoming blindness and dealing with its consequences has taught me about the nature of externally imposed limits, and has encouraged me to think about how to help and support others facing barriers in their lives. Every human being has the right to be happy, fulfilled and to live a flourishing and meaningful life. I want to help those who face barriers in achieving their life’s potential.”


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