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Shoe Revolt, a registered 501c (3) nonprofit, is a hybrid start-up company that auctions celeb shoes to raise funds to deploy a social franchising model called Teen Revolt Chapters across the nation. The Teen Revolt Chapter’s mission is to educate, engage, and empower youth to take the lead in the fight against domestic sex trafficking through peer-to-peer involvement, training, activism and social enterprise development.

How you can help

As a figure in the public eye, celebrities enjoy a unique position from which they can educate and encourage others. Partner with Shoe Revolt by helping them to raise funds and spread awareness. Together you can make the biggest impact in the fight against human trafficking.

Whether it be to….

BECOME a celebrity shoe donor. Help raise funds for Teen Revolt Chapters. Donate a new or gently used pair of autographed shoes to Shoe Revolt for auction. Shoe Revolt is a registered 501 © (3) public charity and all shoe donations are tax deductible.

DONATE an autographed copy of your latest CD. Autograph CD donations aid us in raising awareness through give-a-way contests via their social networking sites and helps them in creating dialogue with teens about the issues of human trafficking.

Become a Shoeista

At Shoe Revolt they believe that a Shoeista is an individual with the drive to make a strong social statement. Choose a way to get involved that expresses YOU the best. Take a stand and be a part of a movement that is ready to see change.

Whether it be to….

1 SPREAD THE WORD TO TEENS about the cause via Twitter, Facebook, or phone; whatever you have to do – just tell every teen you know about the revolt!

2 VOLUNTEER with Shoe Revolt, or if you are a middle school or high school teacher, please talk to your administrator about starting a chapter at your school.

3 INTERN with Shoe Revolt. Gain skills to build your resume, while lending your skills to Shoe Revolt. To learn more about Shoe Revolt’s internship opportunities visit Give to Get Jobs. College credit is available for students, and volunteers can be on-site or virtual.

4 SELL on Ebay’s Mission Fish: Shoe Revolt is a member of Ebay’s Mission Fish!


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