Watering Seeds Organization

The Watering Seeds Organization organizes and operates adaptive sports clinics for physically challenged children, adults, and Wounded Warriors.WSO’s current mission has been broadened to supply the needs of not only those with physical challenges, but also those who could benefit from mental exercises.

Through meaningful partnerships and special events, WSO raises funding and awareness to provide education, training, and rehabilitation to help those afflicted with challenges lead healthier, more active and productive lifestyles. Moreover, their grand initiative is to develop the Watering Seeds Sports Rehabilitation Center, a world-class Paralympics training facility with athletic amenities and a rehabilitation clinic that will foster a community for Wounded Warriors and physically challenged individuals. With their architectural design already completed by Fellows Ink, they are currently researching areas throughout America for the best possible location (TBA). Modeled after the Lake Placid Olympic Village, the center will provide housing at no cost to financially challenged families while visiting their family members participating in the program. In addition to providing a location for education and training, the complex will also provide an opportunity to meet, interact, and associate with other challenged athletes from around the world.


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