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A host of celebrities descended on Austria on Saturday, May 16, to attend the annual Life Ball, a benefit gala that raises funds for HIV/AIDS charities that offer relief projects to international organizations that support the world’s worst affected areas.

Headlined by Katy Perry and organized by Aids Life, the event featured guests such as actress Fran Drescher, former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and model Amber Valletta.

“We know we live in an interdependent world where we cannot separate our fates from those a long way away,” said Bill Clinton, who also attended the event. “Tonight, you are not just enjoying an extraordinary extravaganza, you are helping children and women and men to live in far away places who would have no money, no medicine, no hope.”

Another guest, Eva Longoria, spoke about children in Asia who desperately need treatment for AIDS.

“There’s a terrible shortage of doctors and other health care workers who are trained to provide the proper treatment and care for those children,” she said.

To date, the Life Ball has raised over €10.5 million. It is the only AIDS charity event to take place in a government building. In 2008, the event raised € 1.4 million in one night.

Since 1993, world famous personalities and artists have lent their voices and support to Life Ball, giving their time and effort to make the charitable event successful every year. With their appearances, personal impulses and involvement, Sharon Stone, Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Catherine Deneuve, Liza Minnelli, Kim Cattrall, Linda Evangelista, Heidi Klum, Dennis Rodman, Naomi Campbell, Randy Crawford and many more have inspired courage and promoted the joyful aspects of life and given a clear sign against discrimination and ignorance.

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