Voices Against Violence

The voices of the American people are combining, no longer willing to stay silent as gun violence continues to devastate their communities.

An overwhelming majority of American citizens support common sense gun laws that will keep their communities and children safe.

Every day, another 90 Americans die from a bullet. There have been too many moments of silence. Now is the time to make some noise. Raise your voice. Call your Senator today to say, “Enough is Enough!”

How you can help

Text MYVOICE to 877877

Or call 1-888-997-3976.

Tell a Senator who ignored the voice of the people to put innocent lives above politics.

You’ll be prompted to enter your ZIP code before being automatically connected to a Senator.

Hello, my name is __________,
and I support common sense laws that will save lives by keeping guns out of the wrong hands and insist that you represent the majority of Americans who feel the same.

(Don’t be nervous.
Remember they work for you.)


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