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As reported earlier by, a host of stars joined Larry King on CNN last night to encourage people to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The broadcast raised over $5 million for UNICEF and the Red Cross.

Famous faces such as Alyssa Milano, Mick Jagger, Ben Stiller, Ringo Starr, Colin Powell, John Mayer, Seal, Ryan Seacrest, Benicio del Toro, Tea Leoni, Scarlett Johansson, Christian Slater, Ashley Judd, Sarah Ferguson, Russell Simmons, P. Diddy, Kobe Bryant, Danny Glover, David Spade, Susan Sarandon, Nicole Richie, Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Jeff Probst, Molly Sims, Peter Wentz, and many more took the chance to appear on the show.

Each star took the time to speak about the disaster and appeal for donations.

“When these terrible disasters happen in a very poor place, the result is magnified. …This is a huge, massive disaster for one of the poorest countries,” said Rolling Stone Mick Jagger. “It’s very gratifying to see such an outpouring of help from many countries.”

“What’s the difference between this crisis and maybe the tsunami?” asked Tea Leoni who appeared for UNICEF. "After the tsunami we were able to prevent the death of any child in the second wave of the disaster… We’re looking at a much more desperate situation, here. 

“The children of Haiti before this crisis were already in sort of a dire situation and kids who are malnourished are much more susceptible to suffer from disease, they’re more apt to contract cholera, dysentery.”

“Those people that are out there that can help, help; it’s important for humanity, for love, life… You have to help for America because we don’t have help,” added Black Eyed Peas singer

“I’ve been watching at home with my family and have been incredibly moved and saddened by everything that has happened,” said Jennifer Lopez. “It’s daunting. It just feels so huge, and you just want to do anything you can and I urge everybody to do the same. … Every little bit helps.”

A visibly shaken Molly Sims – who visited the country last year – fought back tears to add: "Words can’t even describe what I saw and I consider myself a very well-travelled person. It was absolute devastation.

“They had no safe drinking water then, imagine now.”

Paula Abdul added: “The overwhelming despair and families not knowing who’s alive, not being able to account for [people], it’s just [sad]. It’s the most helpless feeling. There’s so much that you wish you could do. … It’s so overwhelming.”

Larry King revealed that over 150,000 have died in the quake, and many more are homeless and face terrible conditions.

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