Starkey Hearing Foundation

Starkey Hearing Foundation is the Global Leader in the Gift of Hearing, delivering more than 50,000 hearing aids annually through hearing missions in 86 countries. Founded by William F. Austin in 1984 with the vision So the World May Hear, countless numbers of lives are touched by better hearing through SHF missions.

With the goal to heighten social consciousness on the importance of hearing, Starkey Hearing Foundation launched a Hearing Conservation program, Sound Matters, to educate the public about responsible listening.

Today the Foundation is sustained by the selfless efforts of volunteers and donors spanning the globe. Since 2000, the Foundation has distributed more than 305,420 hearing aids to those in need around the world.

How you can help

People interested in helping the Foundation are able to contribute through a number of avenues. They can become a Hearing Mission sponsor in which they would raise funds to attend a Hearing Mission, sponsor a future Hearing Mission recipient, recycle hearing instruments/volunteer their time through our Hear Now program or become a Foundation partner. Visit for more information.


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